Thank you all for participating in the Mass Cultural Council Institute – Unleashing the Power of Culture - on March 17th. Five hundred of you came from cities and towns across the state to meet your colleagues, learn from others and understand your importance as an economic driver in your communities. What incredible energy you brought with you and we here at the Mass Cultural Council are so inspired by the work that you are doing day in and day out to weave the Power of Culture into the fabric of your communities. Thank You!



Zora Valentine

G New Bedford Choral Society
Board Member
New Bedford
Just retired from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
I sing in the following:
St. Paul's UMC Choir, The Greater New Bedford Choral Society,
University of Massachusetts Chours, Church Women United
Choir, and Spirit of Song Ensemble.
With the UMD Chorus I have been to Italy, Eastern Europe, and planning a trip to Spain for 2019.